Legal Translation


  • Qualified translators

  • High quality translations

  • Confidential handling


With over 50% of our clients coming from legal sector out team knows the details are critical. Even a minor error in judgment or witness statement, contract or patent can have disastrous consequences. Vast and profound experience of our translators in the legal sector allows us ensuring top quality translation and assuring the results expected, in the field of:

  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual property
  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Employment law

The foundation for translation success taking careful steps ensuring understanding of client’s specific nomenclature, which allows arranging an accurate, timely speedy and tailored service.

The process of legal translation is riddled with traps and pitfalls, because, apart from languages, institutions and legislation get involved. Quite often, institutions exist in different legal fields and systems, the same words mean diverse and require highly skilled professionals and experience within the legal sector.

Some of the services provided for the legal sector include:

  • immigration documents,
  • contracts and agreements
  • patents,
  • articles of association,
  • witness statements,
  • rulings,
  • proceeding protocols and awards

We work with qualified translators all of whom have experience within the legal sector.