DVM Translations

In spite of the team being rather “young” DVM Translations showed itself as a team of professionals striving to bring the best possible result to the customer, build solid and trustful relations, and achieve highest standards of quality and accuracy. – Schooner.


Translators of this company possess special expertise in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, gas/oilfield services. DVM Translations showed itself as a reliable partner, always meeting high standards of quality and timing, accuracy and professionalism. Their work style fully corresponds to the highest language industry standards and good European and world practices. - Schlumberger Services Ukraine.


While an excellent all-around translator, Maria Maiberova possesses special expertise in such subjects as legislation and she is highly capable of translating technical documentation. Maria Vorobyova is a very hard-working, qualified and motivated professional. The accuracy of her translations and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning. 
I would also like to remark on Maria Maiberova excellent relations with colleagues and clients. Stefan Festerling. Maersk Oil


Daria is a highly skilled and highly professional technical translator, who is also extremely pleasant to work with. I worked with her in presenting to a range government officials about new and highly specialized technical geosciences topics. Her ability to translate these complicated subjects in a clear, yet accurate, fashion was highly impressive. Daria’s professionalism whilst doing so was also outstanding, as was the preparation work which she had done prior to the actual meetings themselves. Graham Blair, Shell   


Willingness to perform to the best possible result allows without hesitation recommending DVM Translations for all jobs that require in-depth language knowledge, and as a solid, reliable and qualified partner. Schlumberger Services Ukraine.


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