Translation requires not only proficiency in source and target languages but also an understanding of the subject of the text, essences, and matters behind the words. Skilled translator always sits on the fence between two interlocutors, two minds, two cultures helping them to understand each other.

We provide high-quality professional translation at very competitive rates. We translate all types of documents and for many industry sectors, specializations, and subjects. We do not distinguish between business or individuals, translation for personal, official or commercial use, treating every order with equal attention and care.

Every project is handled by a team of professional native speakers and reviewed by a second qualified proof-reader under the coordination of experienced and qualified project managers, observing compliance to customer’s requirements and industry standards. Contact us for detailed information or personalized quote.


Who we are

DVM Translations is a team of professional translators and interpreters, thorough in what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Having started from several devoted translators the team grew into a community of people sharing the common vision, principles and the values of quality, purity of language and dedication to clients and profession.


How we do it.

  1. Do it properly. Quality is our number one priority: in full understanding of the role of translation and interpreting for activities, communications and image of the client-company. All our translations are done in compliance with SSTU APU 001-2000 Standard issued by Ukrainian Translators Association, ISO 9001 (some of our members have Internal Auditor Certificated under ISO 9001 standard) and ISO 17100.  
  2. Improve. Our specialists strive to continuous improvement and development through permanent assessment of team capabilities, regular training and mastering new technologies and tools which add to deliverables obtained by our clients.
  3. Be Responsible. We recognize our commitments to our clients and partners. Therefore proper processes and methods to allow our specialists perform and produce high-quality results were designed and introduced in the team. We have introduced the Quality and Terms Control and Assessment System which contributes to better understanding and our clients and full conformity of deliverables.

About DVM Translation